Thanksgiving gifts and giving

Thanksgiving is all about saying thanks and expressing gratitude for many things and in many ways. It is about family, unity and marked by getting together and often sharing a traditional turkey dinner. No matter what, you will want bring something for your host to say thanks. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Something for the table can often be a welcome addition to the festive spread.  These cute thanksgiving magnetic markers will stop the confusion around whose drink is which. Some turkey serviettes will fit right in at a traditional turkey feast whereas perhaps a festive T-shirt for your favorite vegetarian would be fitting or why not try these unusual candies as a thanksgiving treat.

Something to drink? What about a nice bottle of pinot noir or a bottle of champagne.. .and who doesn’t love a great gourmet hamper!

If all else fails there is always the novelty pumpkin pie hat!

But please refrain from this! For the cat’s sake!