Buying gifts can be tough


Buying the right gift can be tricky at the best of times. What do they want? What do they have? Where do you start?  Asking the right questions can really help to start to sort it out. Here are some hints on how to close in on a gift that will be the perfect fit.

Ask yourself these questions

  1. How well do you know the recipient? Are they a little known colleague, a great aunt seen only at Christmas or your best friend?
  2. The gift should be age appropriate, i.e. no alcohol for 4 year old Jimmy and no skateboards for Granny. However knowing a little about their personality could throw some of those rules out of the window!
  3. How would you describe their personality? Are they quiet and enjoy a good book? Are they the life of the party?
  4. What does their house say about them? A neat and minimalist abode might lend itself to a contemporary Scandinavian design vase. Someone with a more eclectic arty home may like a very decorative piece.
  5. What does their clothing say about them – their personal style? A hipster may like all thinks vintage and some eco-friendly products may work well. The glamour girl might want the latest fashion nail polish shades.
  6. What do they do with their time? Cooking? watching films? Look for gifts around the things they enjoy doing.  The latest celebrity chef cookbook or a book about the best films of all times.
  7. What do they own already? Of course if you don’t know them very well then this will be difficult. However, we can make some assumptions. Obviously a golfer will have golf clubs.  One way around this problem is to buy something unusual. The more unusual the less likely they are to have one already. Of course if you get really stuck a gift card can be a quick and easy alternative.

So if you look at all of these factors and use them to eliminate not just certain products but categories of gifts, you will be well on your way to finding something that will be truly appreciated and will also make you feel good for having got it right!

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Happy hunting!



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